What Makes You So Great!

Apr 20, 2022 | Mastery

What makes someone great?

Looks, charm, personality, quick wit…?

Are you great?

Are you a member of the elite 1%? Those who navigate life to its fullest.

If so, I will ask again… what makes you so great?

What makes you any better than the other 99%?

Well, maybe the truth is simple. You are different. You followed a unique path to where you are in life and it got you here.

Good or bad, right or wrong, you are simply you.

You are the one who stepped up with hard work, vision, and a little luck.

You became something.

You became different.

You, became good in order to become great.

You, are you.

Several years ago, a team member of ours made a statement that stopped me in my tracks. He was coming off a consulting meeting when he looked at me and said, “You know, we really only have 4 clients.”

Well, that’s not what I wanted to hear.

The truth is, we serve thousands of individuals and business clients, and our growth rate leads the industry, so to think we only have just “4 clients” is awkwardly disturbing.

I asked him to explain but before I share his answer, I would like to share something about him and his perspective on life.

First of all, he is one of the industry’s most sought after business consultants. His acumen and ability to see multidimensional points of view makes him a first round draft pick for anyone on Wall Street. He is well mannered, he was raised right, he has traveled extensively, and he happens to be a very likable guy. To top it off, he is an expert on global finance and business consultation.

Like everyone, his life has taken him on a unique path. He grew up with caring parents and a cool brother. His father was a senior White House advisor to several Presidents and later a well-respected CEO. He was exposed to a lot of interesting people at a young age, and that helped shape who he is today. He was offered scholarships to several respectable schools but made a wise decision and opted for life at the University of Georgia. We have worked together for close to 25 years, and there is no one I trust more than him.

Bottom line, he is the whole package, so when he says something, I listen.

Why? Because he is good.

“Four Clients?” I said.

“Well, not exactly. I know we have thousands of clients, but they all seem to fall into the same four categories” he replied.

“Whew, that’s better” I thought.

He went on to explain by saying:

“In all my travels, and in all the time I have spent with people, I have come to the conclusion that there are only four types of people within the unique 1%, and they are the ones who make the world go around”

“Well” I said, “that’s worth looking into isn’t it?” So, after some extensive study, we came to a conclusion.

He was right.

At our firm, we have the luxury of working with clients who are the “best of the best” – personally and professionally. Before we ever meet our clients, we know they are “different”. If they were not different, they would not be here.

What we have found is that even within the society of these “elite” performers, there are differences between them, but not to the extent that they are so different from the rest of the world. Some are frustrated, others are transformative. Several are what most consider traditionally successful, and every so often, there are a few who have failed.

Yet, the conclusion is simple: if you take our clients, those who many consider the world’s elite 1%, and put them all in a bowl, then you take the rest of the world (the other 99%) and put them in another bowl, you will see something special begin to happen.

With basic observation alone, it is easy to see that the elite 1% are the best because they are uniquely different from those who make up the rest of the world (the other 99%).

The other bowl with those who fall in to the 99%, is messy and there are countless differences among them. There appear to be billions of random, unidentifiable creatures bouncing around in a chaotic environment.

Yet, in the bowl with the world’s elite 1%, you see something completely different, it appears organization and focused. There is consciousness.

The 1% bowl is full, but the people are strategically broken into four simple categories. Each category represents a current of life with one of the four unique gifts.

We soon discovered that the categories shared among the elite 1% were not random, but are based on the individual characteristics they display in a quest to achieve their mission in life.

Soon, we were able to break the four traits down as follows:

  1. They have the courage to create a vision and to tell a different story for themselves and those they serve.
  2. They have the passion to lead and stand up for what is right, even if it means putting others ahead of themselves.
  3. They have the strength to roll obstacles out of their way, and help the less fortunate among them.
  4. They have the faith to always finish the job, even if they must go back and do it all themselves.

At least one of these four categories (“traits”) is visible and recognized in 100% of the elite 1%.

It is something in their very being.

It is the way they are wired.

It is how they are meant to be.

My partners observation was brilliant. He “gets it” because he is one of the elite 1% himself. The impact he has made on people stretches across the globe and he has plenty of stories to share.

We were fortunate to meet him years ago when we began the original Perfect Plan study. In fact, he is legendary in the Perfect Plan world as “CS001” or better yet, Case Study #1. We always knew he was special, and he ultimately became the prototype in our quest to discover the secret of the world’s elite.

He knew what we were looking for because he was one himself.

When you live in a world surrounded by elite performers, it’s hard to remember that there is another “bowl” out there. It is just across the table and full of mixed up people trying to find their way in life.

These are good people. Many just need a little help so they can jump out of their bowl and into the bowl occupied by the elite 1%.

Soon, everyone in the 99% bowl discovers the truth and realizes they also have at least one of the four traits as well; they just didn’t know how to find it. They certainly did not know they have permission to use it.

We believe everyone has access to these traits, just some know it better than others. Our mission in life is to help others find their way into a better bowl, where they are free to access whatever trait is theirs.

When they do, they will be able to help and impact others. All they need is a little help.

These people are really special.

They are the ones who change the world.

They leave a legacy that lasts for ages.

They are the ones we celebrate the most.


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