The Secret is Out,
and it’s Perfect!

“There is a reason why we see $1 billion in sales, and The Perfect Plan is it!”
James Gilligan

Senior Sales & Marketing Director, Lincoln Financial Group

Don Barden’s The Perfect Plan is the secret formula for what the world’s top performers do differently. The result of a ten-year study that asked a simple question: ”Why are the elite 1% of the world’s sales and marketing people so different?”

The Perfect Plan

They discovered the answer was anchored within the elite’s system of “promises and beliefs” and where they collide to create what Don calls the “The Unfair Advantage.”

The Perfect PlanTM Seminar was created from a doctoral study that revealed a proven process to transform your team, your leadership, and yourself into a steward of your mission.

It is currently used by Fortune 500 businesses, the US Military, and over 5,000 small and mid-size companies around the world.

Once engaged in this program, your business will be on track to grow at will within 6 to 12 months. You will increase revenue and net income, work less, serve more customers, and impact more people.

The Perfect PlanTM is proven to help you create a self-managed company that allows you to live the life you have always wanted and make as much money as you desire.

“Nothing is
just a little Complex.

The Value

The Perfect PlanTM is a set of freedoms business leaders enjoy. Once unlocked, you can grow your business easier as it becomes self-managed so you can enjoy more of the life you deserve. Proven processes that transform your team,  leadership, and yourself into a steward and a servant of your mission.

Your business can increase by 20-50% in one year, you will serve more people, make more money, work less, and impact more people.

Create a self-managed company that allows you to live the life you have always wanted to live and make as much money as you want.

Applying the principles in The Perfect Plan will jumpstart your strategic mission, simplifying and giving structure to the chaos that often accompanies big ideas and even more significant tasks.

Fortune500 Financial Advisors, Dental, Medical, and Veterinarian Practices, Franchises, Churches, Synagogues, Schools, Associations, and countless Sales and Marketing firms have benefited from the focus and simplicity of “The Perfect Plan.”

In just a few hours, your team will evolve and change to embrace something they never knew was possible, and their enthusiasm will change your world.

What People Are Saying About
The Perfect Plan

“In my 14 years of operating The Brain Trust, we have now seen over 150 speakers. Don’s presentation on The Perfect Plan was easily in our top three presentations of all time.
The Perfect Plan is the highest value I have ever seen related to the field of best practices in selling. As a matter of fact, one of our members commented after the presentation that this was more than about selling … it was really about leadership at the highest level.”

Tom Cramer

CEO, The Brain Trust

“If Wall Street would really listen, The Perfect Plan would change their world. The impact it has had on our firm is immeasurable.”

Scott Keller

Co-Founder, Marietta Wealth Management

“In a world where many business experts have perfected their presentations more than they’ve tested their assertions, Don Barden’s, The Perfect Plan offers proven solutions to advance your enterprise. If you’ve ‘heard it all’ Don Barden is the fresh voice you will want to hear.”

R.D. Saunders

Vice President of Advancement, John Maxwell's EQUIP Leadership, Inc.

Do You or Your Organization Want to Go Big, Fast?

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a tornado, mired in competing priorities, and not sure how to structure your execution strategy?

Don has helped hundreds of CEO’s and V-suite simplify and give structure to the complex. A steward leader, he can see the beauty in the chaos and uses his unique abilities to transform, moving from stagnation and frustration to simplicity and structure.

Don has provided consultation to Fortune 500 companies, Founders and Business Owners looking to take the next steps in their organizational goals.

His extensive Wall Street experience coupled with his doctoral findings have provided strategic guidance to help C- and V- Suite to move from their organizations from vision and mission to their desired outcome.

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