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Don Barden

Don Barden and his team create leaders who create leaders. A successful entrepreneur and classically trained economist, he is internationally recognized as an expert in leadership and decision-making. Don founded and authored, The Perfect Plan, a global research study that has unlocked a proven method that transforms areas of frustration into transformation.

As an author, speaker, advisor, and corporate executive, Don’s counsel is highly sought after by some of the world’s most successful businesses, corporate, and political leaders, who leverage his unique ability to think differently while seamlessly simplifying the complex. Don believes every organization is capable of “going big, fast.”

Best Selling Author

The study that started it all. A Wall Street funded doctoral paper sought to discover if there was a common thread – a secret sauce – that existed in the world of the elite leaders, sales, and marketing professionals. After a 10 year study and a global initiative to discover the truth, Don Barden unlocked the key for greatness and how to increase your impact by 95%.

The Perfect Plan is the key to the elite 1%’s success in business and life.

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I’m on my second read through this book and I can’t say enough good things. I’ve already used Don’s ideas to land new deals. He’s not only changing what I do but my philosophy about business. Read this book and put it to work. You will thank me!

Darrell Amy

Author of 'Revenue Growth Engine'

Don Barden hit the ball out of the ballpark with “The Perfect Plan”. The promises and beliefs married together is rocket fuel to sales growth. I had a hard time putting this book down. In today’s business world, where trust is low, “The Perfect Plan” gets to the heart of what matters. Read and reread this book and take it to heart. It will serve you well in your career.

Larry Levine

Author of 'Selling From the Heart'

“The Perfect Plan helped me understand that a champion’s heart is dedicated to serving others. The Perfect Plan lays the foundation and provides the game plan necessary to deliver a Hall of Fame performance in life. Thank you, Don!”

Dominique Wilkins

NBA Hall of Fame Member & VP of Basketball, Atlanta Hawks

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The Perfect Plan

Don unveils what separates the world’s most impactful leaders from the rest – not only what they do and how they do it, but most importantly, why. Through his often-entertaining, always-profound story-telling approach, Don shares his revolutionary “unfair advantage” theories and leads participants on a heartfelt journey that reveals:

  • A plan for consistently achieving game-changing communication and record-setting sales
  • The pathway to uncharted performance through cultural change
  • The secret formula for achieving success in leadership… hint: serving others is a big part of it.

Don captivates audiences, awakens participants’ creative energy, and inspires the alignment of heart and mind – the ultimate secret to servant leadership.

Professional Speaking

Don Barden uses his innate gift of immersive storytelling to align industry champions’ heads with their heart to spur the power within. Don challenges and motivates people to think deeply about their beliefs. Using his highly personal and interactive style, Don expertly mixes humor, academic capital, and time-tested systems to break down toxic barriers, and awaken the creative energy that transforms organizations.

Whether leading an intimate workshop with 15 participants, presenting to an arena of 20,000 attendees, or addressing a million listeners on radio and TV, Don inspires people to discover who they are so they can be exceptional at all they do.

From all-day team training sessions to 45-minute keynotes, Don’s message of service and hope consistently changes the ways organizations think about their tomorrow. Audiences leave the sessions forever changed and emotionally charged to seek their purpose and serve others through their corporate offerings.

Reach out today to schedule a call and see if the Perfect Plan is right for you.

Business Consulting

The Perfect Plan is a doctoral study that reveals a proven process to transform your team, your leadership, and yourself into a steward of your mission. The Perfect Plan is currently used by Fortune 500 businesses, the US Military, and over 5,000 small and mid-size companies around the world.

Once engaged in this program, your business will be on track to grow quickly. Within 6 to 12 months, you will see sustainable changes in culture, delivery, and your bottom line. You will increase revenue, increase margin, work less, serve more customers, and impact more people. This program is proven to help you create a self-managed company that allows you to live the life you have always wanted and make as much money as you desire.

Whether you have a small to mid-size company facing frustrations of stagnation and team dynamics or you are a large corporation looking for a breakthrough moment, the Perfect Plan is proven.

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Nationally Recognized Community Leader & Philanthropist

Don was recently named one of the Top 30 Most “Transformational leaders in North America” by John Maxwell and was awarded the 2018 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Atlanta Business Chronicle. In 2020, he was named the YMCA Volunteer of the Year for Metro Atlanta. He provides over 100 annual scholarships to children of the US Army’s Rangers. He has guaranteed mental health treatment for over 1,000 teenagers in Atlanta, Georgia.

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What People Are Saying About
The Perfect Plan

“In my 14 years of operating The Brain Trust, we have now seen over 150 speakers. Don’s presentation on The Perfect Plan was easily in our top three presentations of all time.
The Perfect Plan is the highest value I have ever seen related to the field of best practices in selling. As a matter of fact, one of our members commented after the presentation that this was more than about selling … it was really about leadership at the highest level.”

Tom Cramer

CEO, The Brain Trust

“Don Barden spent an entire day with my company teaching the principles of Don’s The Perfect Plan.

He coached my team to take a ‘wide angle lens’ view of one’s life, business and work.

He also taught us the importance of seeing our work as serving others and how this mind shift leads to the freedom to create the life we truly deserve.

If you are looking to provide your company and teams the guidance in learning to lead through service and finding true financial freedom, you could not do better than Don Barden and The Perfect Plan.”

Dr. Jack Bayramyan

Founder of Optimize Practice Services and author of Extraction: The Surprising New Formula to Systemize, Scale and Sell Your Business.

“In a world where many business experts have perfected their presentations more than they’ve tested their assertions, Don Barden’s, The Perfect Plan offers proven solutions to advance your enterprise. If you’ve ‘heard it all’ Don Barden is the fresh voice you will want to hear.”

R.D. Saunders

Vice President of Advancement, John Maxwell's EQUIP Leadership, Inc.

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