A Love Letter to the Queen and an apology for what others have said (They did not mean it)

Sep 24, 2022 | Leadership

I have waited for over a week to write this. It is hard to bring these words to print because I have always felt a connection to Her Majesty, the Queen. I never met her, but I was invited and attended a few cool parties at her London home in Buckingham Palace. It was an amazing experience and changed the way I look at, and respect, the traditions of the British culture.

I hesitate to write this because I am afraid most people will not read the entirety of this post. It’s really a love letter meant for her, knowing only you will read it. Many will think as an American I have no right, but I would argue she was much greater than the throne she occupied. She impacted the world. We have the advantage of embracing the love and clarifying some mistakes that people are saying about her. Many are simply not true. Because of this, I wanted to tell her we are sorry, even though I know she is above it all and understands our shortcomings.

Dear Elizabeth, Your Majesty, and Queen,

While I may have never met you in person, I feel like I knew you. Your warmth and compassion shined through in every breath you took and every magical glance you made toward the world you knew. Your compassion, grace, and integrity were a great lesson to us all, and you will be missed.

I know you confronted hardships in life as we all do. You faced great sadness in your family, you tackled the horror of a war beyond our modern ability to comprehend, and you felt pressures like few on this planet have ever experienced. Yet, you always handled yourself with grace and never failed to smile when the world needed to see your shining face. You stood tall for your people and the world, and we are forever thankful.

The past weeks have been filled with outpourings of love and respect as the world pondered a life without you. Several people cried and others stood breathless as your carriage took the long walk for the final time. Amidst all of the pomp and circumstance, I want to apologize to you for those few people who misunderstood your role and fell short with their words. You see, several have expressed your significance as the world’s greatest “servant” leader. They focused on your servant’s heart and fell short of knowing who you really were while here on earth.

You and I both know you were never a “servant leader”. You never took the role, nor did you express it, but few know the truth and we should look beyond their innocence – they really don’t mean to shortchange your work by referring to you as a servant leader. They mean well but they don’t get it. You and I do, and if it were not for this letter, they would never know, but that’s ok as well.

Soon, the world will come to peace and finally study your reflection. Then and only then might they grasp the importance of your life, not as a servant leader, but something much more. You have been, and will always be, one of the few who are privileged with God’s grace and his ultimate request not to serve, but to steward. It is something few will ever see, but soon they will realize that a steward leader is a higher standard than a servant leader. A steward is someone commissioned by God to carry the torch of responsibility knowing the role is meant for a limited time. Your life was designed to fulfill a greater commission as you became the world’s greatest steward leader, maybe the best the world has ever seen. A steward leader is a role reserved for very few people in history and is above all others. It is the steward leader that all of the servant leaders, the transformational leaders, and the tactical leaders serve. Your life was never meant to serve “us” but to steward a commission greater than we can comprehend. It is a role in history reserved for the few who understand time is a companion and it is up to you to guide us along the way.

Of course, I can hear your voice saying to me that “all stewards are servants”. That is true and I would reply, “but not all servants are stewards”. You know I am right, as I know you are as well. So, as I close, I want to remind you of the impact you had on me and the billions of people around the world who accepted your stewardship and grace. You did well and I know the owner of all things, the one who commissioned you for the role, is pleased.

You were amazing and will be missed, as a steward and a servant.

Thank you, Your Majesty, we are forever grateful that “God Saved Our Queen”.

Your grateful servant.


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