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Don Barden is a classically trained economist who earned his M.B.A. in Global Technology Management and International Business with an undergraduate B.B.A. in Economics and Finance. He is ABD with doctoral studies (Ph.D.) in organizational leadership, International Finance, and Behavioral Economics. He resides in Atlanta Georgia and is fluent in international business affairs.

Don’s work challenges and motivates people to think deeply about their beliefs, with a strategy to consistently achieve maximum communication, cultural impact, and sales. His “unfair advantage” theories are revolutionary in today’s economy as he exposes the myth of modern sales and communication techniques.

Expertly mixing humor, academic capital, and time-tested systems, Don engages teams through his highly personal and interactive speaking style. Don has the unique ability to break down toxic barriers and build an irresistible and motivated force of empowered team talent.

As an author, speaker, advisor and corporate executive, Don Barden’s counsel is highly sought after by some of the world’s most successful businesses. His experience and record-setting leadership and sales success have drawn him to corporations and political leaders who want to tap into his real-world experience to move their organization to higher levels of sales and cultural achievement.

Don specializes in corporate culture and leadership. He has lead teams to average over $1 billion in annual sales and revenue growth. He serves as a Trustee and past Chairman for the Summit Counseling Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Additionally, he is a leading advisor to several private schools and faith based organizations. He speaks to international organizations about his work on The Perfect Plan, and is a strong supporter of the US Army Rangers Sua Sponte Foundation.

Get the Unfair Advantage

A best-selling narrative and guide, Don Barden’s The Perfect Plan details how Don’s Unfair Advantage Theory can be applied and monetized in many personal and professional growth areas. Combining real-world examples and ancient strategies, Don Barden unlocked the key to greatness and provided critical learnings for increasing your impact by 95%.

Through his book, seminars, and personal consultations, Don opens your mind while permitting you to become one of the “elite 1%” of the world’s sales and marketing professionals.

Steward Leader

~ “A leader who puts others first. They focus on the health and success of their community, organization, and people before anything else.”

Making a Difference

In 2020, Don was named the YMCA Volunteer of the Year for Metro Atlanta. He provides over 100 annual scholarships to children of the US Army’s Rangers. He has guaranteed mental health treatment for over 1,000 teenagers in Atlanta, Georgia.

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